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Devin Tracy - our CMO and resident Google My Business Expert
Devin Tracy - our CMO and resident Google My Business Expert
Nick Benton - our COO and resident operations expert

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“Nick and Devin of Windfall Elite are the two of the best digital marketers in North America today.”

Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington, “Shark from the hit TV show “Shark Tank”

Command The Spotlight: Get Your Business In The SINGLE MOST VALUABLE Location on Google

Why Ranking In The Google Local Map Pack is the #1 Best Way To Get an Advantage Over Your Competition

A break down of why every local business needs to optimize their Google business profile -- roughly 50% of Google traffic goes to the google local map pack

In the bustling digital landscape, The Google Local Map Pack stands out as the undisputed throne of local search results. Picture this – when potential customers are seeking services like yours, they Google it.

And when they google it, a whopping 40-52% of those searches land in the coveted Google Map Pack. It’s not just virtual real estate; it’s your storefront on the busiest street in town (google). This prime placement isn’t just about visibility; it’s about being the first choice. Harness the magic of Google Map Pack, where your business becomes the beacon, the go-to destination, and the undeniable choice for those seeking what you offer. Don’t just be found; be chosen (ahem, ahead of your competitors 😉 ). Let’s put your business on the map – literally.

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Full Scale Local SEO

Dominate Google! Get found through the Map Pack And Organically by boosting your Website SEO!

Our team will help you get Ranked for up to 40 Keywords, build out high quality backlinks, and create high quality blog articles on your behalf, all to ensure that you DOMINATE your local market.

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End-to-End Website Build

Get to the point with simple yet effective web design. Websites need to look professional, load quickly, and tell your potential clients how to take action. We will make sure your website does JUST that and then support you in keeping it up to date!

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Google & Facebook Ad Services

Once you’re dominating your local market, the most effective way to scale your company is with direct marketing ad campaigns (on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram). With a decade of experience, we will create, optimize, and run your ad campaigns.

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Keith Besherse
I have been working with Windfall Elite for over 4 years in various ways. Devin Tracy is consistently insightful and informative. His passion for teaching shows in every interaction with others. In a previous business relationship, I was able to close 11 new customers in one month for a client using Devin’s proven methods. In our most recent endeavor together, Windfall Elite generated 47 new high-potential prospects for my business in the just 30 days with a 48% appointment rate. The team at Windfall Elite has the marketing strategies and techniques your business needs to grow now!
Corey Michael
My agency has engaged Windfall Elite for a variety of projects over the years to serve our clients, but their particular area of expertise is around business growth strategy through a marketing lens. If your business feels stagnant, and you are having a hard time keeping up with the latest trends and practices for growing, its always safest to go back to the basics, and Windfall Elite can expertly help navigate you through those waters. Highly recommended for companies looking for a high-integrity, top-notch business and marketing partner.
Tricia Felton
I've been working with Windfall Elite for the better part of a year now. From graphics, flyers, newsletters, email campaigns, business and marketing strategy... every project I've asked to be taken on has been predictable and has met or surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend!
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